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Website of is quite clear and intuitive.
We have tried to do our best to ensure that you won't have problems when using it.
There are few steps separate you from profit!

  • Register an account

    Register an account and get 5$ bonus to start making money with , send a deposit and get daily accruals. Just fill out the short registration form. We do not ask you to send documents or share your real name. Cooperation is fully anonymous.

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  • Make deposit

    To make a deposit you have to log into your personal account. Do this after registration and use make deposit function in your account to generate address where you will need to send a payment from your personal BTC,LTC,ETH wallet. The minimum amount you can invest is 10$.

  • Network confirmations

    Wait a bit until your deposit list will be updated. Your payment should have at least 3 network confirmations to be credited. This process usually takes up to 30 minutes depending on the speed of network. Sometime you can face delay up to 24 hours, just contact us in case of lost deposit.

  • Get profit

    Counting is every hour, you can reinvest any amount or withdraw. If you have two or more deposits (in fact, you can have many at once), remember that each of them has its own billing date.

  • Withdrawal requests

    After collecting a minimum of 5$ on your account, you can submit a withdrawal request. Payments are paid automatically.

Why us? prototip.cc

By joining our elite club, everyone will be able to approach their dreams very quickly. Our site has been created taking into account all preferences of the modern investment market. Balanced plans, reliable DDOS protection, SSL certificate, reliable recorder, automatic payments - everything is done for the convenience of traveling.   Call friends, join the club together - get 8% -12% of your deposits. Prepared and transparent statistics make the project work simple and clear. We have thoroughly studied various technologies and marketing techniques, creating our own clear strategy for project development. Our specialized support will always answer all your questions. Choose your plan and go on an exciting journey through the ocean of profit.