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  • withdraw $ 5418.85
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For investors prototip.cc

About us partners

For investors offers three investments plan:1.6%-2.4%-3.2% per day for an unlimited period. These plans is acceptable for any of our clients which invest an amount of at least 10USD.

Investment starts to profit after sending Bitcoins,Ethereum or Litecoin to our address which you get while making deposit. Be careful while you copy it because it’s your money. After sending amount you need to wait until network make confirmations of the transaction and check if deposit is active. For making deposit active you need to wait at least 3 confirmations, in only rare cases need to wait more confirmation.
Usually it takes no more than 30 minutes.

We offer: investment plans

After your deposit is active it goes to work bringing you profit of 1.6%-2.4%-3.2%, 24 hours are calculated every hour, which you can withdraw or reinvest from your account balance as a separate deposit. It’s available to have as many deposits as you want at the same time, each one of your investments has it’s own accrual terms.

Once your balance is 5USD or more you can withdraw profits. To do so you have to make a withdrawal request this is processed instantly.

Please note we don’t offer compounding options, so you can’t add any funds to active deposits. As you can see all simple: you need to choose the amount you want to invest, make deposit and start getting profit. That’s why investing here is available to anyone. Any cryptocurrency user all over the world can join, that’s the main idea of the Internet platform we launched and cryptocurrency as payment method. So don’t waste your time and start making money today with real professionals from . Remember - money never sleeps!

  • Daily profit
  • Minimum amount
  • Maximum amount
  • Duration
    • 1.6% daily
    • 10USD
    • 500USD
    • Affiliate program 8%
    • 40 DAYS
    Make deposit
    • 2.4% daily
    • 500USD
    • 1000USD
    • Affiliate program 8%
    • 50 DAYS
    Make deposit
    • 3.2% daily
    • 1000USD
    • 5000USD
    • Representatives 12%
    • 60 DAYS
    Make deposit