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  • for partners 8%
  • for representatives 12%

Affiliate marketing is one of the strongest ways to attract new investors in any growing business. Prototip.cc is no exception and anyone can become our best partner by looking for new investors to attract private and corporate capital. The company has provided a special system of rewards for your involvement in the development.

So how can you start? Affiliate program is available for only registered users, this means you have to sign up. Then you need to find and copy your unique partner link and share this with any person who's interested in our proposal and who wants to invest, and if they make a deposit you will instantly receive 8% from this amount. First, you will increase your passive income due such rewards and second, our investment program will be more attractive, you will have the opportunity to develop business and worldwide recognition of . Your rewards you get instantly after we receive the deposit.

You can withdraw affiliate reward or make deposit directly from your account balance.You can do it this way if you have no funds to make a deposit, and with such cooperation you receive partnership reward without making your own deposit.

Regional representatives 12% from partners

To increase personal motivation the prototip.cc has developed system of rewards of partners who have the status of representatives. First of all, affiliate commission of representatives grows up to 12% from referrals. Second, you will have direct channel of communication with administration and receive all updates.

Any client registered on the website of can ask for representative status. Just send us detailed information about yourself:

  • - Your username ;
  • - Your full name;
  • - Your country;
  • - Your language;
  • - Your contact information.

After checking this information that takes up to 2 business days we will place your affiliate link in this section.

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